Lady Bug Learns It’s Okay Not to Buzz in a Buzzy World.

Art work by Bobbi Lynn Gibson

Ladybug lives in a bee colony as a bee. A crazy case of ladybug’s egg being knocked from its leaf into the beehive. The bees simply took care of the egg thinking it was one of their own. Later on the bees realized Lady Bug wasn’t one of them but the colony decides to keep this a secret and allow ladybug to remain in the Bee Colony since it’s the only home she has ever known. This is a story of ladybug knowing she doesn’t seem to fit in with her family but has no idea why.

Lady bug stops working. She is frustrated.

“I can’t even communicate because I can’t buzz like the others,” she says. She has no idea she is a ladybug and not a bee. She tugs her leg out of the sticky honey. She hates the sticky feeling.

“No one likes me,” she whispered. “No one talks to me. No one understands me. I can’t get the hang of this Buzz and wing flap communication routine,” She says sadly. That’s how the bees communicate and Ladybug tries hard to do it but she can’t. No one talks to her because they can’t understand her. She flies out of the hive and lands on a nearby flower.

“I’m feel so alone!” she cried as she struggled to get the pollen on her legs. She sees and Aphid.

“They smell so delicious,” Ladybug’s stomach rumbled. She turned away so she couldn’t see them anymore.

“They are so good. But everyone will make fun of me if they find out I ate one,” She frowned. She has eaten them before. She just couldn’t help herself. Now the other bees tease her. She never ate them again but she craves them so badly. It is hard not to gobble up the hundreds of Aphids on the stem of the flower. Ladybug flies to another flower with no Aphids.

“I know,” She smiled. I will speak with the Queen. She will know how to help me fit in. After Ladybug scraped all the pollen she collected into the Hive storage, she went to the Queen to ask for guidance.

“Ladybug, you must search the Great Book. It has all the bee records. It will give you wisdom and understanding,” Queen Bee Said. Ladybug did just that. Each day she read and slowly began to gain understanding. She learned to better communicate with the other bees, how to collect more pollen, and how to hate honey less. Life in the Bee colony was still difficult but she was learning to manage better. Lady bug began to understand It’s okay not to always buzz in a buzzy world, it’s okay to not like the same foods everyone else likes, and it’s okay to take a rest now and then. Ladybug never did find out she was a ladybug. What a difference it would have made for her if she had only known.

I wrote this story sort of about myself. Being Autistic in a world I don’t fit into. It is very helpful to engage with someone who understands and allows you to be yourself. However, those moments are very rare. Everyone on this Earth experiences hardship and difficulties. Hopefully we can be caring, patient, and understanding towards those with Autism. It is like be the Ladybug trying to live out life in a Bee Colony never knowing why you don’t fit in.


Bobbi Lynn Gibson

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Wonder! Explore! Experience! Hi, I’m Bobbi. I share my Journey…. I explore curiosities! I Seek Answers! I Problem Solve Life’s Challenges.

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