Bobbi Lynn Gibson-Bachelor of Arts

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Different is the best way to describe me.

3/4 turn black and white portrait of the author. Short hair pulled back behind ears, short bangs barely touching the eyebrows, a pleasant smile, eyes are looking towards the camera.

Bricks And Clay From Paper:

I’m the bag lady pulling a red wagon with a bucket and shovel out in the rolling barren hills of my small rural town. Different is the best way to describe me.

You might see me with a black trash bag emptying all shredders of their paper, or along the…

Healthy boundaries can result in a more relaxed, calm life.

Photo Credit: Ammar Sabaa/Unsplash. A barely lit hallway and completely dark room. A boy shyly peeks around the corner of the dimly lit hall into the dark room.

As a young, innocent, and trusting child, I believed the people of the world to be good, caring, and helpful. One day as I was roller-skating around a quiet church building with other neighborhood kids, a man approached us. “Can you help me find my eye contact?” he asked. …

Do you feel relief or more confused? Here’s some guidance on what to do next.

A white coffee mug sits isolated on the table. The coffee nearly reaches the top. One word is on the front in bold black letters. BEGIN.

Decision Time.

  • Do I go on as I always have or make some needed changes?

When I received my Autism diagnosis, several things happened. I felt a huge relief, an understanding of why life is the way it is and empowered.

  • Don’t get lost in a downward spiral.

I wished someone had…

How I’m simplifying my life to have more joy.

Depressed woman sitting in a dark room. Her hand rests on her forehead in obvious stress. A cup of coffee sits in from of her. She is wearing a sweater.

My body felt like cement as I stepped out of bed to prepare for work. My unhappy stomach churned, my head throbbed, I struggled to face the day of demands.

I popped aspirin, anti-diarrhea, anti-nausea and followed it with high blood pressure meds. …

5 Tips about the struggles and how to help

Black and white photo with a young girl in focus glancing toward the camera. Her face is absent of emotion. No smile, no frown either. The room is crowded with people. She looks alone and maybe afraid.


No one checks on me, no invitations, no hellos;

No birthday cards, no inclusion, ignored;

Unseen, overlooked, misunderstood, underestimated;

Unreceived credit where credit was due;

And slowly disappearing-no one ever knew.

Struggles With Invisible Disability:

It is easy to disregard or misunderstand someone. We all do it. We are busy with our schedules, planning…

Here’s my plan of action.

A young, barefoot woman stands alone in a grassy field with a cardboard box over her head.

This year feels like a battleground. I’ve been through difficult times, but now my anxiety is out of control and taking over!

Why is my anxiety so extreme now? Could it be age, poor health, or past traumas? I’m Autistic; that alone is a reason for anxiety.

My current work…

It’s tough dealing with escalating arguments and jealousy.

Photo Description: An older couple sit together in a dark diner having a discussion. They both look unhappy and still have their coats on. No food is on the table.

How’s Married Life? Escalating Arguments.

The Art of Arguing and taking turns in conversation is something both my husband and I had to learn. Each person in the relationship needs to feel heard.

You can solve many problems simply by allowing the other person to say what’s on their mind and repeat back the words…

Take the pain out of relationships.

Forced! No Choice!

Photo Description: A woman dressed in black is laying on the floor with a look of life is absolutely over. She has reached her limits. Her wedding ring is off her finger laying on the floor next to her.

I gave my quitting notice at the three jobs I was currently employed at, sold all my things at a yard sale, and booked a train ticket to California. I had no home, no job, and no belongings.

Two weeks after I arrived in California, my boyfriend proposed. In shock…

Communicate successfully with no words, no speech, and no ability to communicate typically.

Communication is a Basic Human Right

Communication is a huge barrier for many Autistic people, even if they are considered fluent speakers.

The words to express our exact thoughts just aren’t there. It can take a few days to know how to put into words what we need to say. …

Find solutions, redesign, adapt and modify your environment to thrive.

Photo description: Background is a white wall. There are white furnishings around: A night stand with lamp, a long white work table, an open lap top, and crumpled papers lay on the work table. At the center is a woman dressed in white. Her elbows are on the table and her face is covered by her hands. She has short red hair and glasses. She is very distraught.


When life has you by the throat, find solutions, redesign your environment, and modify.

What’s your most significant aggravation? Is it noise, crowds, socializing?

Is it lights, sounds, close proximity to others, and communication? It is for me.

Sit down and write out what struggles you have and analyze where…

Bobbi Lynn Gibson-Bachelor of Arts

Wonder! Explore! Experience! I explore curiosities! I Seek Answers! I Problem Solve Life’s Challenges. email:

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